‘Immigration, Authorship, Censorship and Terrorism’ Candice Haddad

M.I.A. performs at the 2009 Grammy awards. Photo: J. Terrill/Associated Press

While the very pregnant, exposed body of a woman of color commanding attention on a worldwide stage presents a moment in which a blatant act of subversion was performed, the quick return to domination of the stage and performance by the elite “Boys Club” of the mainstream hip-hop community is, I believe, indicative of the anxiety and fear of M.I.A’s body an persona confronting dominant patriarchal ideologies. (Haddad, 2011 p. 299)

Candice Haddad. 2011. Immigration, Authorship, Censorhsip and Terrorism: The Politics of M.I.A.’s US Crossover. In: Diane Negra, Su Holmes (eds). 2011. In the Limelight and Under the Microscope: Forms and Functions of Female Celebrity. UK: Continuum. 280—302.


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